YouTube To Mkv Conversion

YouTube To Mkv Conversion

From a broader perspective, YouTube works as a platform with videos available in all categories; you can upload videos in different types and an application that allows you to earn money. Although not everyone makes money on YouTube, there are the majority of the viewers as well.

If you want to convert youtube video to mp3 use this two best free websites:

YouTube is a platform that works online, but there are times when the viewer wants a particular video saved on mobile to watch it later or share it with someone. In such situations, video converters are used.

There are a considerable variety of convertors available through which you can quickly enter the format and download the video on your device. Thus, the decision is yours to check which is the best amongst them and convert the video.

How to Convert YouTube Videos in MKv Format:

  1. Open YouTube through your browser.
  2. Open any convertor in the next tab.
  3. Search for the video from YouTube.
  4. Click on the view
  5. Copy its URL from the address bar.
  6. Select the format (MKv) and click on convert
  7. As the conversion is finished, click on download.

You have successfully downloaded your YouTube video in your desired format, which is now accessible on your device, and you can watch it offline.
Ensure that you don’t get towards some fake convertors as they can download unwanted links and viruses.

Easy way to Create a Hotmail Account in 2021

Easy way to Create a Hotmail Account in 2021

Even though most users worldwide use the old Hotmail email addresses, since Outlook has taken over Hotmail, it is not possible to create a new Hotmail account. However, you can make a new Outlook account with the same features and services that made Hotmail get all the fame.

NOTE: You can only create an Outlook account through the website from your web browser because creating a new account is not possible through the mobile application of Outlook.


  1. Open the official Outlook website on your website by visit this link “”
  2. Click on the create account option that will be available on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Next, type in the email you want to create for your Outlook account.
  4. While creating your email, you can choose between “” and “” by clicking on the downwards arrow available beside the email box.
  5. Going on, create a new password for your account by putting in the password of your choice below the email address box in the Create Password box.
  6. You should create a password that contains a mix of upper and lower case alphabets, letters, numbers and special characters.
  7. After providing all the information needed, you can easily uncheck the “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft” box if you don’t want emails related to new products and services from Microsoft, and if you wish to receive the promotional emails, then skip the step and let it be checked.
  8. Click on “Next”, which will be highlighted in a blue box.
  9. Enter your First and Last name by putting your First Name in the first box and your last name in the second box, respectively.
  10. Click on the “Next” option in the blue box to continue.
  11. Select the Region or Country you’re currently resident in by clicking on the drop-down box and clicking on the country you from. However, Outlook will usually do this step for you automatically.
  12. Enter your Date of birth in the next step. You will have to first select your birth month from the “Month” drop-down box and then your birth date and a birth year, respectively.
  13. Click on Next to Continue.
  14. Enter the verification code display on the page, a series of scrambled letters and alphabets.
  15. Make sure you type in the verification code while taking the upper and lowercase alphabets under consideration because it is case-sensitive.
  16. You can also choose “Next” to change the verification code if the current verification displayed on the screen is difficult to understand.
  17. Additionally, you can click “Audio” to listen to the audio through an automated speaker.
  18. Click on the “Next” option available in a blue box, and if you have provided all the necessary details required by Outlook, you will be successful in creating a new Outlook account.
  19. Now you can do Hotmail login on any device with the account you have just created.







Unlimited Free Storage Option Has Been Disabled By Google From June 1

Unlimited Free Storage Option Has Been Disabled By Google From June 1

Google photos recently have come up with many exciting features which have already benefited its users, out of which the most attractive one was the unlimited free storage of photos.

If you are a Google Photos user, you must know that Google has stopped its users’ high-quality storage options. From now any photo you are uploading on Google Photos will fall under your Google Account storage.

The majority of people use Google Photos all over the world to back up their precious moments. This change was announced by Google last November, and it has been offering High-Quality Backup for a very long time. Google has now put an end to unlimited photo storage.

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Making Space In Google Account:

With Google removing these unlimited storage options from Photos, it has also introduced some options to make space in your Google Account. For example, you can find blurry and duplicate photos in your collection and then delete them to make some space.

Another tool has been introduced that calculates the estimated time that how long your google storage will last as per your usage, and this also allows you to break your files into several folders and delete the unwanted files.

The high-quality backup option has now been replaced with “Storage Saver“, it automatically makes space for your photos and videos and saves them if you upload them through Storage Saver.

It is essential to know that the photos and videos you are uploading after June 1 will be stored in Google’s new Account, and the previous ones remain in Google Photos.

Google One

Google has come up with this tool, named google one, that provides extra storage space. You can easily subscribe to its storage plan; this is a paid application, and it has several plans.

  • The cheapest one starts from 100GB storage for $1.99 per month or $20 per year.
  • It also offers a 200GB storage option of $2.99 per month or $30 per year.
  • The biggest storage, 2TB, costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 per year.
  • It doesn’t stop here; Google One also comes up with 10TB,20Tb, and 30TB for heavy file storage, whose price range can go up to $149.99 per month.
  • The Plus point is that this storage application is a part of Google that provides you extra perks, including Free VPN, selected plans, and priority support.

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How To Install MultiMC?

How To Install MultiMC?

MultiMC is an open-source launcher that also helps in creating a better experience of Minecraft gameplay. MultiMC allows you to provide multiple options in Minecraft with different mods. It also helps to manage them and provides a powerful user interface.

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How To Install MultiMC

Now the question arises of how to download and install MultiMC software to enhance our experience of playing this game.


  • Download MultiMC through the website
  • After downloading, it would appear in zip folder format, download and extract files and launch them to MultiMc.
  • After that, change the location of the extracted files and move to the desktop.
  • Launch Multimc.exe file
  • Choose the language and then select “Next.”
  • Select “JAVA Edition” and memory allocation

Hence, your MultiMC would be downloaded and installed on your desktop, which helps you to advance your Minecraft experience.

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How To Install Mod packs In Minecraft Manually?

How To Install Mod packs In Minecraft Manually?

What Is A Mod pack

Mod pack in Minecraft lets you change the game’s theme, which gives a whole new experience to the game. While playing on mod packs gives a modified experience, which will attract the gamer a lot. In other words, we can say that mod packs help you to customize your gameplay.

How To Install Manually

To download a mod pack, you must have complete knowledge about it and decide which site you wish to download. As there are many platforms offering mod packs, it would be you who will select between them.

After you have decided the website from which you would download your Mod pack, now follow these steps;

  • Open the desired website through which you wish to download the mod pack.
  • Here on the right, you would see a text saying “Minecraft Server Packs.”
  • As soon as you find the server packs, click on them to download.
  • Subsequently, after downloading the packs, now move it to the directory to use later.

How To Use The Downloaded Mod pack

As we know, not all mod packs will come with similar names, so you have to search in your directory.

  • Open the directory
  • Move towards the zip files, and extract items from them. And put all the extracted files in a folder.
  • Here you would see several files with different names like Mods, libraries and config etc. Name this folder as .jar.
  • Next, you may search for the file “forge.jar“, and kindly rename it as “custom.jar.
  • Drag this folder to the libraries folder where you have all the extracted files available.

How To Configure The Pack

This process includes some steps, which are as follows;

  • Click on the Custom.jar
  • Reset the server.
  • Connect the server using a third-party application to transfer files over the internet.
  • As soon as it is connected, import your mod pack folders, including jar, mods and config folders, to this file transfer portal.
  • Once all the files are uploaded, now close this and check the mod packs would be installed.

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  2. Prepping the Pack


TamilRockers Reviews – Best Tamil Movies Website

TamilRockers Reviews – Best Tamil Movies Website

If you love watching Tamil movies and looking for the best website which you can use to watch Tamil movies without paying a single amount of money, then you have landed on the correct page!

Sound Interesting Right?

Yes, in this article I am going to share the top-visited site called TamilRockers which you can use to watch Tamil and south Indian for free. This website is specially made for Indian people and most of their content is based on Indian, Tamil, South Indian Dubbed Movies. You can stream or download any of your favorite Tamil movies from this website for free.

What is TamilRockers?

TamilRockers is an online Tamil movies streaming platform which contains thousands of movies from different categories. Some of the famous categories include Romance, Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action, Scene, Horror, etc and every category includes hundreds of both old and new movies.

On top of the website, you will get an advanced search bar option which you can use to find any tv series or movies within a single click. It means your favorite movies or show is just a click away from you. Below the search bar, you will get an alphabetical line order which you can use to filter out your favourite movies within a short time prepaid.

In order to watch movies you just have smartphones like iOS, Android device or Laptop/PC and a high-speed internet connection and then you are good to go. After one or two days of release and available on TamilRockers is possible. So don’t worry if you think you will not get new releases movies on TamilRockers.

Movies from different countries are also available like China, USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Germany, etc and all of them are free to watch. You don’t have to pay a single amount of money in order to watch any videos on his website.

Best Alternatives to TamilRockers

Following are the list of best alternatives to TamilRockers and you can use any of them without any problem.

  1. VexMovies
  2. Vudu
  3. GoFilms4U
  4. 123Movies
  5. M4uFree – (
  6. Mr Piracy
  7. FMovies
  8. SolarMovies
  9. GoMovies
  10. YesMovies
  11. Squire
  12. Roku

Key Features

Contact: If you did not find your favorite movies on their website you can contact them and request them. They upload it as soon as possible. In order to contact them, you need to create an account on their website which is absolutely free.

Quality: They provide every movie with high-quality results. So don’t worry about the video quality issues.

Server: They have their own server which helps users to watch any movies or TV shows without getting any loading or buffering issues.

Download: You can also download any movies or TV shows from this website without paying a single cent. After you successfully download your favorite movies you can watch it without an internet connection.

Operated: You can use this website from any devices like Android, iOS, or PC/Laptop.

Interface: The interface of TamilRockers is user-Friendly. It means you can easily use this website and can find your favorite movie within a shorter time period.

Is TamilRockers Safe and Legal?

Most online streaming websites are illegal and they are provided with all content without buying any official license. Also, most of these websites use popup and ads which may lead to disarming your smartphones or Laptop/PC. So in order to use these, we recommend you use any ad blocker which helps you to get from popup ads and get you a better experience.
Final Thoughts

I hope after reading this article you will be able to watch Tamil movies without paying a single amount of money. TamilRockers is one of the best platforms which is used by millions of users per day. Just don’t forget to use any ad blocker whenever you are using any of similar websites.

In the end, don’t forget to share this article without on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…

Valorant’ Is Coming To Mobile

Valorant’ Is Coming To Mobile

Valorant being a few of the most popular first-person shooter games developed and introduced by Riot games mainly built for Microsoft Windows. The first teaser released by Riot games was under “Project A” in October 2019.

After the release and due to the high demand and traffic towards the game, the Valorant video game began a closed beta period with limited access on 7th April 2020. The game was officially released by Riot games on the 2nd June 2020, while the development of Velorant was started in 2014.

After a long time of humor about this game, Riot Games have officially confirmed that a mobile version of the most played video game, Valorant, is in development and almost ready to be released.

Unfortunately, besides recognizing its existence, the studio didn’t say when it intends to release the game nor offer a reflection on how it will adapt Valorant’s accurate gunplay to all the touch screen devices.

However, Riot games did note that it’s “preparing to expand the franchise” and that the Valorant Mobile application is supposed to be the first step taken for the process.

The announcement of the Valorant Mobile game came precisely one year after this game was newly released on the PC. With great popularity and demand received and over 14 million regular active players around the globe, it is one of the best first-person shooting games ever to be introduced in the gaming industry.

For a free-to-play game like Valorant, that may not appear like a lot of gamers, especially when you compare it against titles like Apex Legends and Call of Duty Warzone, both of which freshly passed the 100 million player breakthrough.

But then Valorant is only usable on PC and a high skill ceiling that can make it frightening for the new players who are thinking of coming and trying Valorant games on their PCs.

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A possible comparison is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which recent rumors suggest amassed more than 20 million monthly active members during the pandemic.

Although to honor the achievements that Valorant has gotten and the game’s first anniversary, Riot games will hand out in-game memorial items to players during June.

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Xiaomi’s Full Charge In 8 Minutes and Wireless In 15 Minutes

Xiaomi’s Full Charge In 8 Minutes and Wireless In 15 Minutes

Xiaomi has introduced and prepared to release its fascinating new 200W Hyper Charge wired fast charging technology that can charge at mind-blowing speeds.

It is being declared that it can charge a 4000mAh battery within just 8 minutes. Besides this, Xiaomi has also included 120W wireless charging technology that can entirely charge the same capacity battery in under 15 minutes.

The Chinese electronics giant has beforehand rolled out 120W wired charging and 80W wireless high-speed charging commercially in the Mi 10 Ultra for unaware customers. With the 200W demo, it seems like the company can be the first to offer such incredible charging speeds on a mobile phone.

Xiaomi announced the achievement of the charging tech on Twitter, where it also posted a video proving the speed at which it can charge a custom-built Mi 11 Pro with a 4000mAh battery.

We can observe that the phone reaches 10% in 44 seconds and 50% in hardly 3 minutes in the video. As discussed, the total charge is completed in under 8 minutes.

The video also explains and illustrates the 120W wireless charging on the same Xiaomi phone. It’s noticeable that the phone wirelessly charges 10% in less than a minute, 50% in 7 minutes, and 100% in a whopping 15 minutes. That’s a tremendous achievement gained by Xiaomi.

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Apart from Xiaomi, Realme and Oppo are also at the level in the fast charging family with their versions of the 125W charging technology. While Xiaomi hasn’t given enough time to anticipate seeing the 200W wired and 120W wireless charging being used in everyday life by people, it may debut with the expected flagship versions from the company in 2021.

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