Even though most users worldwide use the old Hotmail email addresses, since Outlook has taken over Hotmail, it is not possible to create a new Hotmail account. However, you can make a new Outlook account with the same features and services that made Hotmail get all the fame.

NOTE: You can only create an Outlook account through the website from your web browser because creating a new account is not possible through the mobile application of Outlook.


  1. Open the official Outlook website on your website by visit this link “https://www.outlook.com/”
  2. Click on the create account option that will be available on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Next, type in the email you want to create for your Outlook account.
  4. While creating your email, you can choose between “@hotmail.com” and “@outlook.com” by clicking on the downwards arrow available beside the email box.
  5. Going on, create a new password for your account by putting in the password of your choice below the email address box in the Create Password box.
  6. You should create a password that contains a mix of upper and lower case alphabets, letters, numbers and special characters.
  7. After providing all the information needed, you can easily uncheck the “Send me promotional emails from Microsoft” box if you don’t want emails related to new products and services from Microsoft, and if you wish to receive the promotional emails, then skip the step and let it be checked.
  8. Click on “Next”, which will be highlighted in a blue box.
  9. Enter your First and Last name by putting your First Name in the first box and your last name in the second box, respectively.
  10. Click on the “Next” option in the blue box to continue.
  11. Select the Region or Country you’re currently resident in by clicking on the drop-down box and clicking on the country you from. However, Outlook will usually do this step for you automatically.
  12. Enter your Date of birth in the next step. You will have to first select your birth month from the “Month” drop-down box and then your birth date and a birth year, respectively.
  13. Click on Next to Continue.
  14. Enter the verification code display on the page, a series of scrambled letters and alphabets.
  15. Make sure you type in the verification code while taking the upper and lowercase alphabets under consideration because it is case-sensitive.
  16. You can also choose “Next” to change the verification code if the current verification displayed on the screen is difficult to understand.
  17. Additionally, you can click “Audio” to listen to the audio through an automated speaker.
  18. Click on the “Next” option available in a blue box, and if you have provided all the necessary details required by Outlook, you will be successful in creating a new Outlook account.
  19. Now you can do Hotmail login on any device with the account you have just created.