What Is A Mod pack

Mod pack in Minecraft lets you change the game’s theme, which gives a whole new experience to the game. While playing on mod packs gives a modified experience, which will attract the gamer a lot. In other words, we can say that mod packs help you to customize your gameplay.

How To Install Manually

To download a mod pack, you must have complete knowledge about it and decide which site you wish to download. As there are many platforms offering mod packs, it would be you who will select between them.

After you have decided the website from which you would download your Mod pack, now follow these steps;

  • Open the desired website through which you wish to download the mod pack.
  • Here on the right, you would see a text saying “Minecraft Server Packs.”
  • As soon as you find the server packs, click on them to download.
  • Subsequently, after downloading the packs, now move it to the directory to use later.

How To Use The Downloaded Mod pack

As we know, not all mod packs will come with similar names, so you have to search in your directory.

  • Open the directory
  • Move towards the zip files, and extract items from them. And put all the extracted files in a folder.
  • Here you would see several files with different names like Mods, libraries and config etc. Name this folder as .jar.
  • Next, you may search for the file “forge.jar“, and kindly rename it as “custom.jar.
  • Drag this folder to the libraries folder where you have all the extracted files available.

How To Configure The Pack

This process includes some steps, which are as follows;

  • Click on the Custom.jar
  • Reset the server.
  • Connect the server using a third-party application to transfer files over the internet.
  • As soon as it is connected, import your mod pack folders, including jar, mods and config folders, to this file transfer portal.
  • Once all the files are uploaded, now close this and check the mod packs would be installed.

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