From a broader perspective, YouTube works as a platform with videos available in all categories; you can upload videos in different types and an application that allows you to earn money. Although not everyone makes money on YouTube, there are the majority of the viewers as well.

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YouTube is a platform that works online, but there are times when the viewer wants a particular video saved on mobile to watch it later or share it with someone. In such situations, video converters are used.

There are a considerable variety of convertors available through which you can quickly enter the format and download the video on your device. Thus, the decision is yours to check which is the best amongst them and convert the video.

How to Convert YouTube Videos in MKv Format:

  1. Open YouTube through your browser.
  2. Open any convertor in the next tab.
  3. Search for the video from YouTube.
  4. Click on the view
  5. Copy its URL from the address bar.
  6. Select the format (MKv) and click on convert
  7. As the conversion is finished, click on download.

You have successfully downloaded your YouTube video in your desired format, which is now accessible on your device, and you can watch it offline.
Ensure that you don’t get towards some fake convertors as they can download unwanted links and viruses.